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Integrate all your media and marketing data sources

As digital marketing becomes more complex, the number of data sources, metrics and KPIs grows. Every channel and every tool brings new data points. As your reporting data grows, it becomes more difficult to analyse and optimise. Most companies already fail at integrating the data or work with “DIY solutions” in Excel or self-made databases.

Intelligence Qube provides APIs to all relevant data sources for your campaigns – e.g. for ad serving, programmatic, analytics or attribution. If no interfaces are provided by the provider, Intelligence Qube works with smart workarounds – everything to integrate your data seamlessly.

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Data Integration and Intelligence

Visual Aggregation
Automatic data collector

Intelligence Qube collects, aggregates and normalises data from all advertising media, marketing and tracking systems.

Visual Integration
Everything in one place

All data from paid media, walled gardens and tracking systems in one place, fully integrated in Media Desk – analysis and optimisation without manual integration processes.

Visual Efficiency
Ready for BI

Export your data to any other (BI) system. Ready for machine learning, modelling and auditing.

Input from anywhere – harmonize – output to anything.

Intelligence Qube has APIs to common digital marketing platforms and services so that data can be retrieved automatically. The imported data is harmonised and, if necessary, corrected and linked so that a uniform basis is created across all data sources used. If Media Desk is used as planning tool, a master structure is also automatically defined. Optionally, the data can be transferred to the client’s own BI systems or analysed in the Intelligence Qube dashboard.

Intelligence Qube has an integrated data connector to Google Looker Studio. Find out more here!

Unique Features

Integrations with all marketing and advertising platforms

IQ collects marketing, tracking and advertising data from all major market participants.

Automatic aggregation

IQ harmonises and aggregates your data based on defined rules. You can change these freely.

Automatic white label reports

Automate regular reports and design them in your company CI.

Visualise your data in any system

With IQ you can visualise your data wherever you want. Use IQ’s dashboards and reports or your preferred BI system.

Custom metrics without coding

Define your own KPIs that can be used for both analyses and reports – without programming knowledge.

Rights and roles concept

Define access rights in clear hierarchy levels and also give your customers access to all relevant data.

World-class customer support

Highly competent support from our team in Düsseldorf – direct and without detours.

Currency conversion

IQ automatically converts all your expense and analysis data into your currency so that they can be easily compared and totalled.

Benefits at a glance

  • Hassle-free data collection and transformation across all data sources without manual intervention or programming skills
  • Quick and easy data analysis, drilldowns and quick wins without Excel
  • Automated reports save many hours
  • Data sovereignty: all platform data is in your own data tank
  • Transparency: Integration and harmonisation make all channels comparable
  • Customisable: Individual data sources can be integrated effortlessly
  • Seamless integration with Media Desk
  • Scalable, platform-independent cloud solution
  • White label capable

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